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Franzoni & Co is developing Eco-Bio-Clima houses The idea of this house is to use nature energies inside the house with maximum comfort to our Clients in different weather conditions using newest ecological materials and smart house systems. The name of the applied concept is ECOBIOCLIMA house. Eco-Bio-Clima construction is based on a three core building rules: House + Climat + People. When we build a house we try to find a balance between these three parameters.  

Ø Member of German Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.



Ø Member of Swedish  Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.


Ø Member of Latvian Builders Association


International construction experience in 4 European countries

Specialization in implementation of complex projects of residential and commercial buildings

Specialization in construction of high energy efficient and Climate houses

Specialization in interior design and installation of lighting

Specialization in project management: no anxiety for a customer

Determination of the maximum guaranteed project costs

Conclusion of contracts for beneficial prices with the network of partner companies

Professionals having multi-linqual skills (English, German, Russian, Italian, Latvian)

Work methods reducing costs and times but maintaining constant quality standards

Usage of the latest technology materials, work instruments, technologies and construction methods

Feb 1, 2015

A new updates have been taken by our company direction from the this year's Casa Clima Exhibition in Bolzano, Italy.

Jan 28, 2015

Our staff have started the works of the first "Intimissimi" and "Calzedonia" lingerie shops in Latvia. The famous Italian brand now is available also for our country clients. Expected delivery is by the beginning of March.


May 2015

"Unistars" headquarters building in Brīvības 97, Riga staircase refurbishment works has been performed successfully 


March 2015

Refurbishment works in Peri headquarters, Rudeņi - 6, Salaspils l.t., Salaspils novads have been complated by the end of march 2015.



Jun 3, 2015

Another "Intimissimi" and "Calzedonia" -Italian lingerie shop is going to be finished by Franzoni & Co in the Shopping Center Domina.


Jun 5, 2015

Refurbishment works in Hotel Radisson Blue Daugava have been started by our company. Expected delivery by the begining of September.


Ø Franzoni & Co., as one of the first companies in Latvia, has started to develop work on Clima house projects. http://www.agenziacasaclima.com/

Aug, 2015

A new "Colloseum" shop is going to be finished in S/C Domina this month and also a new opening of "Kidzone and Toy's Planet" shops in S/C Riga Plaza.