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Cosentino Showroom


Great long term client!
Stockholm, Sweden
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Franzoni and Co demonstrated that their supervisors and their team have the ability to mobilize quickly and complete all the projects in timely and professional manner.


Construction works on Cosentino Showroom.

Period: 17.05.2021 - 20.08.2021

Adress: Rosenlundsgatan 29, 118 63 Stockholm, Sweden

  • Cosentino Showroom- 305 m^2

Another project at the shopping centre. We did a well-organized project to deliver the project within the deadline. We also worked at night as needed. Within the project, we satisfied the client's needs and fulfilled the established norms and regulations.

On this project following works were done:

  • Dismantling
  • Grinding work for the floor
  • Gypsum board wall (wall frames and iron angle)
  • Gypsum board wall (false ceiling, trapdoor)
  • Electric works (power board, light assembly, sound, internet)
  • Ventilation setup
  • Puttying and painting
  • Assembly of furniture
  • Site cleaning

What we did
Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm, Sweden


Bochum, Germany