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Lush Store


Vienna, Austria
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I highly recommend this retail store construction company for their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to ensuring a smooth construction process and final result that meets all expectations.


Construction works on Accesorize store.


Adress: Lush Store - Mariahilfer Str. 49 1060 Wien, Austria– 137 m2

This was our firstproject with Lush Austria. We were really excited to execute this two-storyproject. Discovering new territory is always an amazing feeling. We are Lookingforward to working on new projects in Austria! 

This project was alittle bit bigger than our usual projects, as well as the site had two stories.In this project we did:

  • Dismantling
  • Grinding work for the floor
  • Floor leveling
  • New fire door installation
  • New data panel placement
  • New sign installation
  • Gypsum board wall (wall     frames and iron angle)
  • Gypsum board ceiling (false     ceiling, trapdoor)
  • Electric works (power board,     light assembly, sound, internet)
  • Ventilation setup
  • Floor fitting
  • Puttying and painting
  • Assembly of furniture
  • Site cleaning

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Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm, Sweden


Bochum, Germany