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Franzoni & Co Embraces Advanced Painting Techniques in Partnership with Tikkurila: A Step Towards Enhanced Quality in Construction (Jan 2024)

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Kicking off 2024 with a commitment to excellence

At FRANZONI AND CO, our passion for quality is matched only by our commitment to continuous learning. Our talented drywall doctors 🙂 (interior finishers) and site managers have recently enriched their expertise at a Tikkurila-hosted workshop, mastering the latest painting methods and technologies. Learning and upgrading is an inseparable part of our culture—Every year, we focus on enhancing our expertise in different departments. Not just at the start of the year, but integrated into our daily pursuit of excellence. We are devoted to consistently elevating our knowledge, ensuring we deliver the highest quality and innovation to every project. Here’s to a future built on knowledge, skill, and the latest advancements in construction.

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